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to think about. >> still ahead michael finney coming up next. >> yes. going to bat for an iphone user claiming his credit card company failed to deliver on a >>> you know a lot of credit card companies entice with reward points and cash back. >> however, rules can change. one man claims he lost out on benefits. >> so he came for help. michael is here with the story. >> yes. this guy bought two iphones expecting a reward. however, his credit card company says iphone 5 is no longer eligible forlzz4p reward. well, that isn't seem right to the consumer so i stepped in to help view a message so press one. >> sean cooper left his iphone 5 read message as loud. it plays music and takes pictures. >> last one two years. and so... you know... the new technology is always a draw. >> sean reorderered two iphones one for himself, one for his dad, but at $360, they weren't cheap. so sean decided to use his discover card to get a 5% bonus, and take a sting out of the price. >> they double checked the determines to4u% make sure that it was included. >> sean went to the shop discover web site listing
on new year's eve? the answer is coming up. >>> you gabe your cade new i -- gave your kid a new iphone but did you outlint rules how they could use it? a whom did in a 18-point contract. is she onto something? here's the details on how this lady is i parenting. >> number one it's my phone and i bought it and i paid for it. >> no porn. >> i am know the password. >> reporter: not exing atly the christmas list you expect -- exactly the christmas list you expect for a 13-year-old. >> an 18-point contractually the weared dos and don'ts. >> don't take a zillion pictures and videos. >> reporter: histic to new iphone. >> my first reaction was -- his ticket to a new iphone. >> my first reaction was why did she do this. >> i wanted to show him to be a responsible user of technology without abusing it without becoming addicted. >> reporter: her message struck a cord with parents worried about the increasing use of smart phones. more than 50 million iphones are projected to sell this holiday season alone. many to teens just like greg. teen behavior expert says a set of rules is a must for teen iph
. >>> if you got your kid an iphone for christmas, i did, my stepdaughter is 13. some are worried they might abuse it. a mom who may have the ultimate solution. she made her son sign an 18-point contract from handing the phone over at approximately 7:30 every night to no porn to mom always knows the passionword. >> a lot of parents are taking note. it's going viral. the rest of this creative contract in a few minutes. >>> speaking of smartphones the insanely addictive game angry birds. there is a real-life version playing out in the florida ev everglades. the mischief vultures are making. >> don't want to make them angry. >>> right to the big digout in the second snowstorm to days. ginger zee has the latest on what we can expect. >> more than 500 flights were delayed. that's just yesterday with this new storm and look at this, a trace to two inches for new york and boston. 80 miles away in connecticut, more than a foot of snow in milford mass, even though it's done. the issues, they're not. overnight up to a foot of snow fell again. holiday snow round two came down fast and furious. in new h
debut of the iphone 5 in china as well. nasdaq down by nearly 1%. it looks like it's sitting around the lows of the day. >> something more to watch. next week is a new week, folks. obviously a very difficult day for everybody in america, but we do appreciate you watching "street signs." cnbc will have continuing coverage of your markets, all your post-close news and, of course, what is going on in newtown, concome our hearts and prayers go out to all those people affected by that. "closing bell" is next. >> i'm bill griffith. welcome to "closing bell." maria will be along here in a few minutes at the new york stock exchange, and we add our sentiments as we continue to update you on the horrific massacre at the connecticut elementary school. our deepest prayers and sympathies to all of the families and others hit by this senseless tragedy. the horror of the story may have muted trading on wall street today, as all priorities are being rearranged in a moment, and we will get you caught up on these markets in just a moment, but first we want to let you know. president obama is set to m
for christmas delivery. >>> shares of apple have been higher today. this after we learn sales of the iphone 5 in china are strong. when on friday some reports suggests otherwise. >> john ford is here now with the story. >> two conflicting story lines on apple collided today. one has apple ordering fewer iphone 5 parts which has a less than stellar start to 2013. the other is suggesting demand remains strong in apple's most crucial market for the iphone. the question here is are we at the beginning of a radical global slowdown for the iphone and ipad? half a dozen analysts believe to think so. believing that the iphone 5 parts have cut their price targets in recent days. the idea is that apple is ordering fewer parts for the months after the holidays. the problem with this theory though, demand still looks strong for the iphone 5 given the launch where apple couldn't make phones fast enough. and china did 2 million iphone 5s. europe is week. but with demands elsewhere looking healthy, some numbers at least seem to be going apple's way. the question is whether samsung and amazon are meaningfull
they are to reaching a deal. >> the day that iphone users are here is that google has released a global maps app for the i o s operating system coming up. does anything look out of place here? it's a car -- perched precariously on a cliff. this is in san francisco's twin peaks neighborhood. this is video from sky-7 h-d, abc-7 news. kron4's dan kerman explains >> there were not taking pictures of city hall. >> they were transfixed by this. this car accidently jumped the curb and went down twin peaks. at 30 ft.. >> i did not think that it was possible. >> around 11:3:00 p.m. >> i just heard a loud noise. it looked like they hit the gas and that went over the cliff. >> i thought there were gone i'd jump over to make sure they were okay and there were climbing out of the car, one by one. >> that it never happens. >> i will live here my whole life i've never seen anything like that. >> the driver refused to talk but all eyes shifted to three different tow truck operators that worked to bring the car up and over the curb with out in the additional damage. believe it or not this is the first time it ha
forget. also, those kids put their phone to good use. if you got your kid an iphone for christmas -- i did, my stepdaughter is 13 -- got an iphone. a lot of parents are worried that he or she might abuse it. a mom who may have the ultimate solution. she made her son sign an 18-point contract that includes everything from hand the phone over to your parents at 7:30 every night to no porn to mom always knows the password. >> a lot of parents are taking note this morning. it's going viral. we'll tell you about the rest of this creative contract in a few minutes. >>> speaking of smartphones, we've all heard of the insanely addictive game angry birds. there is a real-life version playing out in the florida everglades. the mischief that vultures are making coming up. >> i don't want to make those birds angry. >>> we do want to get right to the big digout from the second snowstorm in days. putting a hamper on a lot of miles an hours' americans' travel plans. ginger zee has the latest on what we can expect. ginger? >> more than 500 flights were delayed. new storm, and look at this, a trace to
person gerri: phase ii for a sneak peek of high-tech gadgets. you might want to hold off on an iphone five. gerri: well, as we say goodbye to 2012 and welcome in the new year, "the willis report" is taking a look back at some of the hottest companies in the tech world. postal we are giving you a sneak peek of groundbreaking gadgets that could hit store shelves in 2013. should you hold on to getting the iphone five are not? let's ask tech analyst. i want to start with instead of that iphone five issue, what you call the top deck winners of 2012. morrison mayor or meyer, i should say, she was a big winner >> absolutely. yes. really amazing how she has turned around young who, at least its reputation in a very short time. when it started the year it had any ceo, scott thompson. people were skeptical and then they launched an ill-advised and war with facebook. a lot of ill will. they have arisen may issue, and he was out. they got birth to my area, and she is great ever since. the big differences everyone is rooting for her. actually want to have latched on to some of the better products.
points. >> the nasdaq san 22 to fall below 3000. >> and the s&p 500 lost nine points. >> the day iphone users have been waiting for has a right. >> bull has released its google maps mobile application with the iphone. the past three months iphone users have been stuck with apple maps which have been widely ridiculed. >> kron 4 tech reporter gave a slate shows us the new google maps. >> this is a must for any iphone user. what is interesting is this new version of google maps for iphone is way better than the old one. it has a lot of new features. i will show you that in a minute. first this whole apple map debacle is interesting. apple rarely makes mistakes. let us do a recap. >> when apple unveiled idle as six operating system for the iphone they shocked the public sent there were mapping themselves. this will replace google maps that were normally automatically the stinstalled their devices. there were problems. >> roadways would appear to be melted. entire cities and towns were missing from the mapping program. >> apple maps was ridd ridiculed. >> ceo to apologize and fire the league
. >> and hundreds of complaints about the iphone 5. >> and now the day the drying trend begins as eyewitness news continues right here on cbs 5. ,, oh, you have a keurig vue brewer? oh, it's great! now i can brew my coffee just the way i love it. how do you do that? well, inside the brewer, there's this train that's powerful enough to carry more coffee and fresh water to make coffee that's stronger and bigger... and even hotter! actually, i just press this button. brew the coffee you love -- stronger, bigger, or hotter -- with the keurig vue. birds threatening to delay e extension to silicon valley. the mallards, >>> bart is trying to shoo away birds threatening to delay the extension to silicon valley. the mallards, sparrows and doves are nesting and laying eggs on the construction site. most are migratory and can't legally be moved. it's forcing a pause in some of the construction. >> it's challenging. you have to find other places to work. find work-arounds, trying to keep the job going. >> very often, work in a particular area had to be put on hold until the birds cleared out. >>> dealing wit
of this morning google maps will be returning to the iphone. the world's most popular on my map systems has returned with the release of the global maps iphone. the new act comes almost three months after apple replace the will maps as the phones built and navigation system. many iphone users have been avoiding the latest iphone software upgrade in order to keep the original google maps app. the new dewlap at stinks'. it is not nearly as good as the original app >> i am lost. >> gone are those days. >> of hong repossess and injured a nine month high in november even as the number of homes started on the path to foreclosure declined to the lowest level in six years. reality checks and bags completed foreclosure over 59,000 homes last month. that's an increase 11% from october and up from 5 percent november last year. the number of homes entering foreclosure process is oakland for closers starts sank to about 77,500. that's the lowest number of foreclosures since december 2006. we will be back in a few minutes. i am on the good news, all lanes open no major delays against the bridge. the bay
. suzanne pratt reports. >> reporter: could it possibly be that consumers are souring on apple's iconic iphone? an unscientific survey on the streets of manhattan suggests it's not so. the iphone still looks to be the smartphone of choice. but other evidence tells a different story, namely that sasung's galaxy s3 is making major inroads. cnet editors have just released their annual lineup of this year's best tech products. you guessed it-- the samsung phone with its big screen took the top spot. >> for a long time, the iphone was really the principle flagship smartphone out there. android phones were catching up very quickly. but this year, we finally have one or two models, especially that samsung galaxy s3, that are just as good if not better to some people. >> reporter: consumers also like morola's droid razor maxx and lg's optimus phones. but some reviewers say apple did it to itself, annoying users with its proprietary connector, problematic map software, and the iphone's somewhat petite screen. and it's not just the iphone that's losing some of its sweetness with users. in the tablet are
workers are big fans of the iphone. one-third of them prefer to use an iphone. only 22% of workers say they have used a droid. the once popular blackberry was at the bottom of the list. mcdonald's is asking franchisees to work on christmas day. we will tell you why. that's my next report. >> 4:38, 50 degrees. >> still ahead, where the speed limit has been raised on four more roads in the district. >> councilman marion barry has harsh words. >> go on a diet. >> why he thinks some police >> good tuesday morning. i am meteorologist jacqui jeras. a cloudy and foggy start this morning again, but the fog advisory has been cancelled early. that's the good news. better visibility and a better commute. warm temperatures. 53 at reagan national at this hour. 49 at dulles, 50 in manassas, 48 in gaithersburg. if a cold front off to our west temperatures in the mid 40's. we will work on clearing out the skies progressively through the afternoon. we will become breezy with gusts up to 25 miles an hour. temperatures stay miles through the morning. it will get cooler weather with the clearing. we haven
, he's already presided over the rollout of three ipads, two iphones and three macs. >> it is beautiful. stunning. >> you've got guys whose job it is to get this mesh right, to get this curve right. >> to get it precisely right. >> in fairness, however, this past year, they haven't gotten everything precisely right. >> weather. >> nice weather -- >> starting with siri, the small woman who lives in your iphone. the service amazed all of us at first, but then came under criticism for not being perfect or as consistently amazing as steve jobs wanted it to be. then there are the maps. iphones used to come with google maps until they set out on their own. but apple's version wasn't quite ready for launch. it lacked some critical street smarts. and in those early days, god help you if you went anywhere near the brooklyn bridge or the hoover dam. it was a rare and public embarrassment and cook fired two top executives in charge. how big of a setback was maps? >> it didn't meet our customers' expectations and our expectations of ourselves are even higher than our customers'. however, i can tell
, the iphone their ads have been swamped by samsung and microsoft. is apple still the king of cool? shareholders wants to know and so do i. let's bring in mark, editor in chief of laptop magazine. is apple still the king of cool? what do you say. >> when it comes to the design and getting the latest apps first, would i say yes for apple, but perception is becoming reality when it comes to the marketing ads you're talking about. when people see the big screen galaxy note 2 and in the office when i show people turn it on its side and two applications running on the screen the same time and pen input. in a lot of areas they're out-innovating apple and outmarketing apple, apple's bread and butter for a long time. stuart: mark, we'll get you more on the microsoft surface tablet. hold on a second i've got this for you. you want cool? take a look at this house, a mansion this miami on the market more than six months and get this, it was bought by a foreign investor they're everywhere and sold for under asking price, guess how much? we'll be telling you that, how much it cost and other pro
government do it. so far it looks like -- lori: adam: where are the long lines, frenzied crowds? iphone five made there debut in china, but to a been there done that response. take a look at metal as we head to break. ♪ [ male announcer ] this is amy. amy likes to invest in the market. she also likes to ride her bike. she knows the potential for making or losing money can pop up anytime. that's why she trades with the leader in mobile trading. so she's always ready to take action, no matter how wily... or weird... or wonderfully the market's behaving... which isn't rocket science. it just common sense. from td ameritrade. it just common sense. music is a universal language. but when i was in an accident... i was worried the health care system spoke a language all its own with unitedhealthcare, i got help that fit my life. information on my phone. connection to doctors who get where i'm from. and tools to estimate what my care may cost. so i never missed a beat. we're more than 78,000 people looking out for more than 70 million americans. that's health in numbers. unitedhealthcare. ♪ lori
is that there are concerns about iphone sales for the current quarter and the march quarter. there is some supply issues there. another issue is there has been a technical breakdown in the stock which basically that just means that the historical trend in the stock has changed in such a way that it's triggered some selling here as investors sentiment on the stock has changed. and third i think you have to actually consider the stock is still up 30% year to date. there are some people booking a profit ahead of a change in tax codes here at the end of the year. >> i want to focus on the fundamentals though. that first reason you mentioned. how significant are those fundamental concerns. in other words, how much of the company's business is truly being questioned here? >> there sure are some supply issues in the iphone for certain but i still think that the company's going to be able to meet analyst estimates of 45 million iphones to be sold this quarter. i think we can also see upside from the number of ipad minies that are sold this quarter. we'll have to keep an eye on what margins look like from those.
in their orders. it could be an indication production bottlenecks for the iphone five have not been soed. shares fell 3.8%. volume was heavier than usual. tonight's close takes apple shares below their mid-november low, falling to their lowest price since february. there have also been concerns about reports of a less than spectacular launch of the iphone five in beijing china. and some key apple suppliers were caught up in the selling. qualcomm makes the wireless semiconductors for the iphones. qualcomm dropped 4.7%. volume tripled. jabil circuit shed 5.5% on heavier volume. at least 10 percent of jabil's sales come from apple. and cirrus logic makes audio semiconductors for iphones. its stock fell 6.7%. software company adobe fought against the weakness in technology. adobe is known for its photoshop and other design software products. last night it reported stronger than expected earnings leading to a stock rally today. shares rallied 5.7% as volume jumped almost six fold. this is a post-recession high for adobe. meantime, in the materials sector, steel stocks were the flavor of the day thank
to begin selling the iphone. >> stay with us. 9news returns in two minutes. >>> welcome back at 4:39. i'm olga breese in for howard this morning. doppler picking up on some moisture. we'll see some showers this morning. i expect the showers to continue. temperatures should make it into the middle range 50s and then we cool down nicely tonight with a warmer day tomorrow. >>> in the district, all the potomac and anacostia crossings are incident free. there is construction, though, in place here on the inbound side of canal road as you exit for the key bridge. you'll have to turn all the way around to the left to get around it and it may cause a bit of a delay later in the morning. i'll be back with more traffic coming up at 4:47. back to you guys. >> thanks, monika. >>> coming up on 4:40, in time for the first your money segment this friday morning. >> money time. >>> good morning. we get a new reading on the job market. superstorm sandy may skew the numbers in today's november unemployment report. economists believe the storm's disruption slashed job growth in half. they say it might tak
of snow. the storm will move quickly and be gone by sunday. coming up next, a shiny new iphone-5 and what to do with your old smartphone if you have a new one that you got for christmas. coming up later in the show, if you thought luxury cars were safe, you want to hear this story. shocking details of the reports. some juice! woman: it's gonna be good! she's excited. little bit of kale. please don't put this online. woman: i'm putting it all over the line! it's wet. it needs something. no, it'll go. woman: don't break my juic! looks good you ready to try it? woman: come on, baby! announcer: challenge your kids to be active and eat healthy. it's ok. it's ok! all right! announcer: they might surprise you. she took another sip. you saw it? announcer: search "we can" for more ideas on how you and your kids can get healthy together. gerri: if you are looking to upgrade your smart phone, we have tips about how to make money and protect personal data. a ceo joins me now, sergio, it's great to have you. >> thank you for having me. gerri: okay, how much money can you make? >> you try to sell -- if
by sunday. coming up next, a shiny new iphone-5 and what to do with your old smartphone if you have a new one that ou got for ristmas. coming up later in the show, if you thought luxury cars were safe, youwant to hear this story. shocking details of the reports. [heartfelt country music] ♪ - ♪ she stands in ♪ the face of evil ♪ and will not ♪ lose hope or faith ♪ america ♪ the land of freedom ♪ is still l the home ♪ of the brave ♪ so raise the banner - ♪ raise the banner - ♪ called ol' glory - ♪ called ol' glory - ♪ let us join ♪ our fellow man - ♪ our fellow man ♪ history ♪ will write the story ♪ america - ♪ america - ♪ wilalways stand ♪ history ♪ will write the story ♪ america ♪ will always stand ♪ gerri: if you are looking to upgrade your smart phone, we have tips about how to make money and protect personal data. a ceo joins me now, sergio, it's great to have you. >> thank you for having me. gerri: okay, how much money can you make? >> you try to sell -- if you are going to buy an iphone-5, you're probably in the contract. if you act
quickly and be gone by sunday. coming up next, a shiny new iphone-5 and what to do with your old smartphone if you have a new one that you got for christmas. coming up later in the sow, if you thought luxury cars were safe, you want to hear this story. shocking details of the reports. gerri: if you are oking to upgrade your smart phone, we have tips about how to make money and protecpersonal data. a ceo joins me now, sergio, it's great to have you. >> thank you for having me. gerri: okay, how mch money can you make? >> you try to sell -- if you are going to buy an iphone-5, youe probably in the contract. if you actually have an iphone 4-s, you can sell the 4-s for about $480. gerri: are you kidding me? a routine that much value? >> yes, they do. gerri: let's talk about the models that are best to sell. i assume that $100 or $280 is not what everyone gets on every model. which model do you suffer the most. you get a lot of money for the newer versions, but it depends on where you are. blackberries are not touching a lot of money, but it is still prominent outside the u.s. you can
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dwises are back together. the app return to the itunes store, allowing ipad and iphone users to use the mapping program, nearly three months after apple replaced it with its own mapping app, plagued with wrong and missing information. on monday, australian police warned users not to use apple maps after rescuing people strand in the wilderness because they followed the apple map directions. >> we want to thank all of you for making the share your holiday food drive a great success. >> you donated more than $22,000 to bay area food banks yesterday, translating to food for 70,000 people. >> our share your holiday food drive continues through december 31. you can donate. 1-877-37 mr. the need is as great as it has ever been. >> absolutely. we saw major changes. sandy warned us it would be cold. >> we are shivering! >> i know. you will be shivering again tomorrow morning. we are looking at frost advisories overnight tonight. let me show you a live picture. the temperatures dropped down below freezing in some of our inland valleys. and weare heading out in towards another night of chill.
the tech giant's products to it next year. deutsche telekom didn't mention specific products. ipad and iphone are only products offered. >>> hasbro is latest company moving up payment of its quarterly dividend to avoid higher taxes for shareholders. the dividend payment of 36 cents a share will be sent to shareholders this month instead of next year. >>> general motors is planning to hike prices in india by as much as 3% in the new year. the automaker says the increase is response to escalating input costs and currency fluctuations in the nation. suzuki and hyundai already raised prices. >>. >> that is the latest from the fox business network, giving you the power to prosper melissa: we have breaking news right now. former italian prime minister silvio berlusconi will run in the for office in the spring after resigning in november. not going to. interesting. lori: we'll keep an eye on that development in europe. don't forget the ecb, this is headline, saying eurozone is in for more economic woes and great are contraction. switching gears here, the concern over the u.s. fiscal cliff has you lo
% for the year of 2012. well, iphone versus android. kindle versus i-pad. apple, google and amazon all going to war in 2013. who comes out alive? and don't forget facebook, they're in the mix as well. telecom ceo is next to tell us mo he thinks will come out on top. [ male announcer ] at scottrade, you won't just find us online, you'll also find us in person, with dedicated support teams at over 500 branches nationwide. so when you call or visit, you can ask for a name you know. because personal service starts with a real person. [ rodger ] at scottrade, seven dollar trades are just the start. our support teams are nearby, ready to help. it's no wonder so many investors are saying... [ all ] i'm with scottrade. >> announcer: you never know when, but thieves can steal your identity and turn your life upside down. >> hi. >> hi. you know, i can save you 15% today if you open up a charge card account with us. >> you just read my mind. >> announcer: just one little piece of information and they can open bogus accounts, stealing your credit, your money and ruining your reputation. that's why you n
in the bay area. the questionable future for "fresh & easy." >> and if you have a problem with your iphone, it might not be your phone's fault. coming up in tonight's consumerwatch, the problems traced to one particular carrier. ,, ,, ,,,, (car horn) paying with your smartphone instead of cash... (phone rings) that's a step forward. with chase quickpay, you can send money directly to anyone's checking account. i guess he's a kicker... again, again! oh, no you don't! take a step forward and chase what matters. just two years after arrivin the bay area, the fresh andy neighborhood market chain cd be going away. >>> just two years after arriving in the bay area, the "fresh & easy" market chains could be going away. they are convenient and featuring fresh foods but are losing money. the british owner says it's reviewing the business including selling off the stores. there are 19 fresh & easy markets in the bay area. employing about 500 people. >>> citigroup plans to eliminate more than 11,000 jobs in an effort to cut costs and improve its efficiency. the cuts amount to a 4% cut of the workforc
life to take you through more than one day's worth of phones. >> the iphone, that's the downfall for that because they run out quickly. >> they do. the push is to the point where you should make a phone more slim. now you can double the battery life. hopefully it's a trend in more smartphones nexter. >> longer battery life. >> that phone is a big hit? >> right now. there's a brand-new version of this called the droid razr max hd. >> the longest name. >>> and the ipa mini. >> this is the one we were waiting for in 2012. this is the smaller less expensive ipad. some people would argue not as inexpensive as they would like. still at $329. this is a new product debut. this is a new product in a medium package. >> i have one and love it. i have a big handled. if you hold it for a while your hand gets tired. >> apple did still keep that aspect ratio of a squared-off screen size. nexus 7 is more like a kindle fire. it's $199 for the base model. this is a higher rated tablet because of the price difference and android caught up on the media the google store for buying apps, music, movi
aside. >> but first, a cell phone fiasco. a woman's iphone freaked out that left her tased and confused. we'll explain coming up. [ female announcer ] we invited women to see the not so pretty truth about their body washes. i wouldn't change. [ female announcer ] this test paper i was designed to react like your skin. if other body washes can strip this paper, imagine how harsh they can be to your skin. oh my gosh. [ female announcer ] new dove is different. its new breakthrough formula changes everything with the blend of gentle cleansers and nourishing nutrium moisture. so what do you think now? definitely switching to dove. [ female announcer ] this is new. this is different. this is care. woman's enthusiasm for the i-phone 5 got her tased. it started when a new hampshire >>> caught on camera, one woman's enthusiasm for the iphone 5 got her tased. it all started when a new hampshire apple store manager said she couldn't have more than two iphones. she protested and was asked to leave. she left and ordered two more phones online. but when she went back to pick them up, she had been ba
, but you guys need to work together. maybe it was like that iphone when the maps were all messed up. maybe apple can get into the mix next time. >> i can get used to this mix. i've been trying to get this story on air at abc for the longest time. now that i'm in the chair, we are running this. ladies and gentlemen, i give you one pound fish man. ♪ >> so his name is mohammed. they're calling him the next gangnam style. he tried auditioning for "x factor." warner brothers signed him to a deal trying to get him to make the uk's number one christmas single. his video has more than 7 million views in just two weeks. of course, there's some unwanted attention. turns out his visa had expired and british authorities have now said mr. mohammed, it's time to go home. so there is a price to pay. >>> there's a guy who won $1 million in the megabucks lottery and it turns out, the clerk screwed up. he messed up. he played the wrong ticket, but the guy won. thanks to the clerk playing the wrong game, the man went into the circle k convenience store in new hampshire. turns out the clerk sold him the tri
smartphones, samsung as well as the iphone. the concern is that iphone sales might disappoint a little bit here. ipad shares may be on the weak side of the tablet market. >>> citigroup laying off 1,000 people and the financials are the bright spot of the day. very depressing story, frankly. >> it is at this time year to lose that many jobs. thank you, bob pisani. we'll cover apple in-depth later in the hour. >>> it is worth taking another look at citi. trading up almost 6.5% at $36.49. the banking giant slashing 11,000 jobs, taking up to $1 billion in charges. the chief financial officer is speaking right now and kayla tausche is listening in to that conference call. >> city's cfo is just ending his prepared remarks right now at the goldman sachs financial services conference but he mentioned those layoffs right out of the gate. addressing the morning's announcement which he said is straight to the heart of citi's mission which is getting back to the basics of individual banking. among those 11,000 job cuts though, more than half will take place in the consumer banking business abroad. the
consumer trend. >> reporter: apple fans love their iphones. ever look at the fine print? it says designed by apple in california, assembled in china. all apple products are made in china. that's about to change. ceo tim cook announced starting next year one line of computers will be designed and built in the usa. >> i think it's a big surprise. >> reporter: cnet says with one line of macs and not the iphone or ipad, apple is not taking a huge risk. >> for apple to say this is something they want to do that they want to manufacture here in the united states, it's a big deal. it's a big differentiate tore for this company. >> reporter: this is the image that apple likes to show. that has been tarnished by sweat shop conditions at the chinese factories. nets were installed outside the dormitories run by apple contractor to prevent suicides after several contract workers jumped to their deaths. after widespread media reports apple began to improve conditions. >> they love the computers but we were saying i don't know, it's not conscious consumerism which is what we're looking at now. where is
on where it will take place. in other apple news, the iphone is getting picked up by another carrier. t-mobile will begin selling the iphone next year. talks are back in the fiscal fight. according to the wall street journal, the staffs for president obama and house speaker boehner are talking again. it follows a nearly week-long silence. wednesday, the presdient and congressman boenher spoke by phone. on thursday, the president said he was optimistic a deal would get done as he sat down with a middle-class family in virginia to promote his tax plan new jersey governor chris christie is making a pitch to washington for more funds to cover the cost of hurricane sandy. christie is seeking $83 billion in extra disaster aid from the government. he's making the plea on behalf of his home state of new jersey, as well as for new york and connecticut. christie met with president obama at the white house first, then with house speaker john boehner at the capital. at a senate hearing thursday, senator charles schumer of new york presented his case for rebuilding the storm zone. "new york has no c
core, the carrier will begin offering iphone early next year joining other major providers lack of the iphone blamed for t-mobile's loss of subscribers. cornell study finds link between good reviews and sales especially in economy and mid-priced hotels. lego lord of the rings top notch production with dialogue and music from the films. players can join and leave a game without disrupting it. >> you have a friend coming over and they want to hop in and enjoy the experience, they can do that and when done they leave and you continue from where the two of you left off. >> the game is available for alld ñ >>> good morning. live look on both sides of the bay camera looking west towards san francisco. clear out there, not terribly cold. -- [ inaudible ] >>> funeral services will be held today for the second of two teenaged girls murdered in oakland. 16-year-old and 15-year-old were shot and killed thanksgiving weekend. sartain was buried friday, gerstel's family held a viewing yesterday and will bury her today. police are not saying anything about suspects or motives. >>> old neighb
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